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Saturday, October 16, 2010

I've got wood

I am working with wood for the first time here! It's turning out interesting. I'm working with the idea of a building being a nest....

Found a block of wood...

Sanded this baby for a good three hours.

Started carving using my woodblock carving tools.

Almost done! I just have to stain the wood outside of the carved out circle. 


For my Core Studio Class, we are learning about buildings, structures and systems. For our first project we have to use wood in some way and also create "texture" with our piece. I have never worked with wood before; I mean I might have help my dad fix the fence a few time when I was a little kid but that's it! I did most of the sanding by hand, because I was too scared I would sand my skin off with the electric sander. I should learn to be more adventurous right? 
Either way, I am really happy at how smooth this turned out. The carving didn't take too long either. All I have to do now is stain the wood surrounding the nest (the carved out circle).
I had a little inspiration for this piece....

Dungen poster September, 2010: by Sam Smith


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