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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Le Journal du Mal

More recent entries from Le Journal du Mal.

September 10th, 2010

September 11th, 2010
"For dinner, I ate chicken pad thai at a restaurant called Simply stomache started to feel funny. JE VOMIR, JE VOMIR, JE VOMIR."

September 12th, 2010
"I had a terrible time sleeping. I was constantly turning and tossing to fight the urge to vomit. I felt extremely delusional. I found myself talking to the wall and things that didn't exist. I woke up this morning in a cold sweat. Although the rest had made me feel a little better, I still couldn't stomach anything. I have felt lite headed all day."

September 13th, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Proof Print and more

I printed a proof of my wood block on Monday.

I haven't decided on what colors to use. I like this black/blue color. But I also like the idea of a deep maroon or purple. Something kind of warm to contrast with the off-white paper. This print reminds me of the graphic novel/film Persepolis.
I will start printing tomorrow.

About an hour ago, my mom called to informed me that the French senate passed a ban in which women are not allowed to wear a full burqa in public. Although this ban will only affect less than 2,000 women, it is still a touchy matter. It only seems like it was yesterday I myself was in France. While I was there, I do not particularly remember seeing any women in burqas. I am interested to see how the general public will react to this.
Read more about this here. 

Another interesting article I found today is about the Muslim faith in China, and how women take roles as spiritual leaders in their community.  

Yao Baoxia is a female ahong, or imam, at Wangjia Hutong Women's Mosque in Kaifeng, in central China. She sits alongside believers during prayers, not in front of them like male imams. She believes male and female imams are equal in their role as teachers and leaders of prayers.

For Bai Yanlian becoming a female imam took seven years of study, including three years of Arabic-language training. She then had to take an exam to get a license from the state.

Read more about this here.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Starting over

I didn't like the way my original lithography wood block print was turning out so I turned it over and started over. Unlike engraving, I am use to small details and being able to create textures and layers with line quality. 
This isn't a very good photograph of he wood block, (I didn't fully color in the burqas or the hand of the girl on the left)..But the print will look different once it is transferred to paper. I will be printing it on Monday!
A few pictures I am interested in exploring more...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An Hour Later and...


Keep in mind the black is where I will be carving. But I kind of like it this too...

Relief Print in the Works

For my Introduction to Printmaking class, I am making a wood-block print. There are no requirements as to what goes on this piece of wood. What I like about this class is it's all about the process and not necessarily your concentration. I am going to learn different techniques, and try out different forms of printmaking I haven't been exposed too.
My class is a little intimidating though, being the only freshman and what not...I like it so far though.

I am inspired by this picture from an old National Geographic magazine, which I "borrowed" from my art teacher.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Why I would want to make short films

Puce Moment by Kenneth Anger (1949)


 The colors are absolutely amazing. And the obscure psychedelic music goes so well with the film. My favorite part is the opening, when you see all of the dress fabric glitter.

Le Journal du Mal

For my Research Studio class at SAIC, I have to keep a daily journal with a cohesive theme. The point is to learn how to collect and gather information over a certain period of time; and to also see what we learn as artist.
A few were going to document the food they ate daily, others collect packs of gum and what not.
I settled on the idea of "Le Journal du Mal" or translated, "The Journal of Hurt (or bad)."
I am going to keep track of the pain my body feels, both mentally and physically. I am only two days into the project, but I am having a lot of fun with it. It is making me realize how I do not take care of my body like I should.
The mental aspect of "my hurt" will certainly develop as time goes on. I am interested to see if this journal takes a different turn in direction..

"Le Journal du Mal"

September 2nd, 2010
"I was very nervous about class today. Nine out of ten fingers have hang nails now. I chew on my finger nails like a rabbit chews on carrots."

September 3rd, 2010
"I made my finger nails bleed again today. I need to get over this nervous thing. It feels like I burnt a hole through my throat."