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Monday, January 3, 2011

Last of 2010

I ended the year with two copper plate etchings. I am very pleased with most of my prints and how they turned out. I experimented with the technique chine-collé.
My subject matter was hunting and the texture of fur. 

Collage with extremely thin paper with pigments of leaves and pulp.

Collage of "meat businesses" in the Chicago area from the Yellow Pages

Collage with the use of kitakata paper.

Kitakata collage close up.

Yellow Book collage close-up.

Before printing. The final chine-collé cut outs of kitakata used for one of the prints.


These are only a few pictures of the final prints. For my printing paper I used two different shades of Rivers BFK paper, one in an off white cream and another in a dark natural brown. For a few of the editions, I used a Japanese rice-paper, kitakata. This paper is very thin and has sort of a pink flesh tone to it. For four other editions of the print, I used pages from a Yellow Pages. The pages used were numbers and advertisements for meat businesses; one of my favorites, "STEAKS UNLIMITED" (which is no closed).

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  1. Wow, gorgeous! I just finished a printmaking class so I have the utmost respect for printmaking. What're you majoring in? Printmaking? I'm majoring in Design/Illustration in Missouri at MSU. Really like the program here but it looks like your uni might be a bit more well equipped. Email me any time if you like, I enjoy networking with great artists.