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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Proof Print and more

I printed a proof of my wood block on Monday.

I haven't decided on what colors to use. I like this black/blue color. But I also like the idea of a deep maroon or purple. Something kind of warm to contrast with the off-white paper. This print reminds me of the graphic novel/film Persepolis.
I will start printing tomorrow.

About an hour ago, my mom called to informed me that the French senate passed a ban in which women are not allowed to wear a full burqa in public. Although this ban will only affect less than 2,000 women, it is still a touchy matter. It only seems like it was yesterday I myself was in France. While I was there, I do not particularly remember seeing any women in burqas. I am interested to see how the general public will react to this.
Read more about this here. 

Another interesting article I found today is about the Muslim faith in China, and how women take roles as spiritual leaders in their community.  

Yao Baoxia is a female ahong, or imam, at Wangjia Hutong Women's Mosque in Kaifeng, in central China. She sits alongside believers during prayers, not in front of them like male imams. She believes male and female imams are equal in their role as teachers and leaders of prayers.

For Bai Yanlian becoming a female imam took seven years of study, including three years of Arabic-language training. She then had to take an exam to get a license from the state.

Read more about this here.

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