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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hannah Plummer

Hannah Plummer, oh what a doll! I always seem to use her as my subject matter for my pieces. Her natural beauty is so appealing. She is also a mean cook and knitter.

I did these prints of her a few months ago. Both won Reginal Gold Keys, Hannah Plummer I (Gold Key in print making) and Hannah Plummer II (Gold Key in Art Portfolio).

Hannah Plummer I, 3" x 5"

Hannah Plummer II, 3" x 5"

The only difference between these two prints is the color. I went back on this on and added water color. I also built up the texture of ink, which made it more quirky and characterized. I absolutely love the gums and teeth of these prints. Naturally, she has ridged teeth, but I find this quality interesting.
She had braces for a total of four years, and she even wears her retainer every night unlike some of us ex-brace faces.

What a fabulous person

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