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Sunday, March 28, 2010

SCORE! Maybe not

I received a package from The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards on Thursday. Inside, it said that one of my pieces, Almost a Woman, is on its way to New York to be displayed at Carnegie Hall!

Almost A Woman, 3"x 5"

Along with that, I recieved a National Silver Key for,
-Art Portfolio
-Hannah Plummer print
-Self-portrait print

Hannah Plummer II, 3" x 5"

Self-portrait, (about) 27" x 32"

After all this excitement, I called up SAIC to see if I could receive any additional scholarship money for my National wins.
None. Zero. Zip. Nada. Go home kid.

I am tried of being optimistic and getting my hopes up. In reality, I knew my family could not afford to send me there, but I kept telling myself that the school would help me out. The merit Scholarship is good, but I will be about $36,000 in debt before i turn 21. And that's just from my first year.

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