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Saturday, June 12, 2010

New York Escapades

I'm still in New York sitting in my hotel room. I leave tomorrow around eleven o'clock. I am very very to be home and rested up for the new week. 
Here are a few highlights of my fabulous time in the Big ole Apple...

1. Sitting in West Central Park at Strawberry Fields. This location is rumored to be one of the places Yoko Ono scattered John Lennon's ashes. Seeing the memorial for John Lennon was a little over whelming. Yes, that does sound a bit cliche, but John Lennon was such an extraordinary guy! In my opinion he was, without question, the most mischievous Beatle; but he knew what was going on. 
It's a simple but beautiful memorial.

We also walked up to The Dakota Apartment, where John Lennon was shot.

2.  Sitting at a bar in downtown Manhattan watching the 2010 FIFA World Cup U.S vs England soccer match. The bar tenders name was Edgar and was quit the fellow! I also met a lovely teacher from Washington who gave me wonderful advice for my future as a young artist.

3.  The Museum of Modern Art, oh my goodness! I saw so many of my favorite paintings and photographs. They had the coolest exhibit titled Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Modern Century.
Mr. Henri Cartier-Bresson is a prime example of a photojournalist. He took many photos in France (his home land), China, The United States, The Soviet Union, etc.
You should really check him out! His photographs seem to have a narrative feel to them. They are filled with interesting people with unknown backgrounds; but that's what I find so appealing about them.
Fun Fact: Henri Cartier-Bresson was the first United States citizen to enter into the Soviet Union after Stalin's death. Woah!
You can learn more about him here or here.

Along with this exhibit, I saw another traveling exhibit og Pablo Picasso's prints. For my birthday, I got a book all about the exhibit in Paris. I never thought the exhibit would be in New York the same time as I. It was amazing!
I will post pictures of the MoMA soon.

4. The 2010 Scholastic Student Art and Writing Awards exhibit. This was the reason I traveled to New York. Back in January, I won a National Scholastic Gold Key for my piece "Almost a Woman." I also won a National Silver Key for my Art Portfolio, and two National Silver Keys for individual art pieces (both in printmaking). The ceremony was held at Carnegie Hall and was very lovely.  The exhibit of the students work is at the World Financial Building. Although my piece was pushed to the back in a to the janitors was fun seeing all of the artwork. Beggars can't be choosers!

 5. The New York street side ice cream. Yum

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  1. Henri Cartier Bresson was born in France, he lived in France and he died in France. He travelled all over the world, but as far as I know he never took citizenship of the United States of America. He was always French!