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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wabbit Season

Recently, rabbits have been my new subject matter. A week ago I finished a watercolor painting of a conjoined rabbit. Today, I finished a dry-point engraving of a rabbit and printed it after lunch. Here is what they look like.

Not the best prints but I love the paper! I stained it with instant tea powder over the weekend. The plate I used was very thick, so I lost some of the line quality in the engraving. I'm going to start over tomorrow on a thinner piece of Plexiglas.
As I looked over these prints, I started thinking about all the different rabbits and bunnies that affected my life in some way or another...

White rabbits, gray rabbits, black rabbits, fuzzy rabbits, short-haired rabbits.


  1. this is the coolest thing ever!!!


  3. I love Runaway Bunny, I miss that book so bad.

  4. Yes, that book is wonderful!