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Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm back!

Took a quick 24 hour trip up to good ole' Carbondale Illinois day before yesterday. I'll post pictures later. Although Carbondale was really quiet and to itself, I found some pretty sweet records.

 I found this at the antique mall a while back and decided to skip out and save my five dollars for a frosty. I'm glad it showed up again. The Kingsmen are your average surf psychedelic band from the sixties, Beach Boys and The Kinks mixed into one.
Louie Louie just makes me want to be at the beach.

An original pressing from 1972, the live tracks on this album are absolutely SICK.
Even if Janis isn't your thing, you'll dig the thick and heavy guitar playing and great collaboration of soul and rock n' roll!

Here are some other great albums I got.

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