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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

I made this card back in March, but it missing! I found it yesterday when I was cleaning off my desk.
I find similarities with this piece and "Side by Side." At the time, I was still working with this idea of deformities and symmetrical beauty. In this piece, I tried to incorporate a third eye between the two girls. 

The third eye concept can be viewed differently. The shared eye can be seen as a deformity; however, it could also be seen as a blessing. It's up to the view to find a balance between the bizarre and normal. I also used the third eye idea for my other library card "Indian Handcrafts."
Well here it is,

I love how the skin texture turned out. It makes me want to work on a much larger scale then just a 3" x 5" scale. Stay tuned for more!

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