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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Indian Handcrafts

It's been awhile! These last few weeks have been nuts to say the least. Graduation, parties, shows, more parties, and now my summer has officially begun! NO SUMMER READING!
It's time to have ice cream for breakfast, bballin', lazin' in the sun, late night pool hoppin', and some good ole lemonade sippin'.

May 20th was my first six month anniversary (woah). And a certain someone got confused and thought it was May 21st. No harm done though! I received a beautiful letter holder! It will go to good use next year no doubt about it. In return, I made a library card for Sean Thompson(that certain someone). You might already know him, as the "to the wall" guitar player in PUJOL.
Here it is,

It's been a wonderful six months. Enough gooshie gooshie though, BRING ON THE SUMMER!

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