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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The moment of truth

It's almost time for me to make a deposite to the school I am attending next year. I've got less then a week to do so. And it's very frustrating!

The benefits of being an art student? You can have shitty grades and no brains as long as your have a strong portfolio.

On the down side, you are going to pay a shit-tone to send your little Van Goghs and Picassos to art school. Unless of course you've got connections.

But after talking about it and thinking it over,  Ive come to the realization that you take what you get and make something out of it. Life might have only handed me half of a lemon, so I might as well make half a glass of lemonade.
Yeah, it blows really badly to get left behind; but I really need to suck it up and make the most of it.
Watkins might be a hell hole, but at least I can keep my job.

I'd rather attend SAIC broke then attend Watkins with no sense of accoplishment. So much for trying hard this year when I have to settle for this.
I don't know why I gave up on my dreams of becoming a soccer player.

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  1. why did you not apply to cooper union? it is free