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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Back in the fall, I found a small book titled Eighteenth Century Painting: Compass History of Art by Wassily Photiades.

It was originally published in 1963, but the English translation volume was published in 1964. There are not that many color pictures of the paintings, so it's really hard to view the pieces. I actually saw a few that really caught my eye even without color.
I have always wanted to take an in dept art history class. Especially one on European art during the eighteenth century. Art culture just intrigues me!
The book has a about thirty of so pages of writing, but the rest of it is filled with paintings.

 What I find so fantastic and beautiful about these oil painting is the body image of women during this time. The flesh and skin is so thick and smooth. Their cheeks are always flush with a little pink. The use of folded cloth is amazing! You can see every single crease and fold.
I want to have the accuracy and discipline these artist had. Its so marvelous.


  1. pleased to see that you perfected you 18th century slut pics. glad I could be a part of that.